As per Circular 0063/2013: ‘Reducing cost to parents’ The Minister requested school authorities to use a questionnaire to carry out a consultation with parents, and in time to allow the Board of Management consider the outcome and make changes.

School uniform consists of an embroidered navy sweatshirt and a red polo shirt. Pupils are encouraged to wear jeans or navy track suit bottoms which can be purchased from a variety of shops such as Pennys, Dunnes, Tesco or similar outlets.

Many of our parents/carers and children feel school uniform benefits pupils and the school – but it is not compulsory. The Board of Management also recognises that for financial, cultural and/or religious reasons it may not be appropriate for all.

We would appreciate parent/carer co-operation with regard to sensible footwear and appropriate clothing. During winter it is important that the children come to school with warm clothing and that they have suitable coats.