Individual Behaviour Support Plan (IBSP)

Behaviour Support Plan (BSP)

Functional assessment data is used to develop an effective and appropriate behaviour change programme outlined in the BSP. The BSP includes; identification of the target behaviour(s) for reduction, the hypothesised function(s) of behaviour, procedures to reduce the motivation to exhibit the behaviour, identification of replacement behaviours to teach, procedures for the management of problem behaviour, schedules of reinforcement and data collection procedures.

Every member of the school community has a role to play in the development and implementation of the BSP. School staff work closely with parents and external professionals and in exceptional circumstances and where deemed appropriate and suitable, the school will engage with parents in the management of behaviours in the home.

CDNT staff may also be involved to ensure the delivery of an eclectic approach. The implementation of all plans is in compliance with the ethical guidelines for best practice (specified by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board). On-going data collection and analysis are employed to track the successful progress of the strategies within the plan. Regular reviews are conducted with the behaviour analyst, class teachers and parents.