Extra-Curricular Activities

The bulk of the available research would seem to strongly indicate that students who participate in any form of extra-curricular activities benefit from enhanced status amongst peers, a wider social network, and an early understanding of several crucial ‘life skills’.

At Stepping Stones Special School for Children with Autism and Complex Needs we offer our pupils a creative curriculum that includes opportunities to gain the skills necessary for participation in the community. We also seek to make learning experiences as concrete as possible so that our pupils can learn and make sense of their world. As part of this offer we ensure that all pupils take part in regular school trips. As well as opportunities to use public transport we also have a minibus to enable us to explore further afield.

The potential self-esteem gains to be made from these outcomes can lead to improvements in other areas and can in many cases act as a deterrent to challenging behaviour.

We offer Yoga, Drama Therapy and we also participate in a Football League with other Special schools.

You can download the entire curriculum here:

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